Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Welcome to Cloth and Gloss

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. 
I guess other than a personal introduction, which you can find here I should tell you a little about why I created this space...Well, turns out this blogging thing isn't so new to me! Yeah back in 2000 whatever like 2011? I started what used to be Camila's Closet. I had moved to Las Vegas, NV and was as lonely as one could be, I needed something to make my heart feel a little full and purposeful so I started a style dairy of sorts. Eventually, it progressed into beauty tips and reviews, and so much more. It was an exciting and prolific 4 year adventure but it came to an end about 5 years ago when I moved back to NJ and felt as lost as I ever have. My heart and brain just couldn't produce beyond the stress and anxiety I had become all to familiar with and I stopped creating and tending to my favorite space. 

Why did I really stop?

Well, I stopped because...I got complacent and I listened to the wrong voices! Mainly, the loud and really grouchy, self-deprecating one inside my own head. That voice combined with those who said "that whole picture thing you do, weird" "you're a little too old for that" I also became content and complacent with the monotony of adulthood and sold myself on the idea that somehow after 25 you don't get to pursue...pursue fun or dreams or challenges, you just settle! 
Well now I am a glowing and still-growing 27 years old and like a diamond my glow up didn't come easy but I would go through every single one of those hardships time and time again because It taught me self-love, self-worth, and most of all it taught me that I am a pretty tough and special cookie. 
A cookie who's engine is her desire to create a life she's proud of, a life she gets to be the sole proprietor of, and that dreaming can in fact be a personality trait.

So here I am! ready to create and do what I love, making the world in general and around me a little pettier or at least pretty to look at. I hope through this space I can reach some of you and inspire you to be and feel your most beautiful. Sometimes we'll get deep and other times we will juts chat about deep conditioning, regardless, we will have fun! 

n this very long hiatus I also learned that as cliche as it may sound, dreams only work if you do. I learned through insightful conversations with friends and family that while my workaholic ways are admirable, admiration doesn't render a fulfilled life, so It's time to put those long hours and workhorse  mentality and stamina into my own dreams! one of the being, leaving a legacy of beauty. 
So here I am writing, styling, and creating because it fills my heart with joy but also because making the world a more beautiful place even if it's just by making this little corner of the internet pretty or  teaching ONE of you reading to feel more beautiful will be a legacy I can be proud of.


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