Wednesday, July 24, 2019

TRENDY: How to Wear Bandana Print in Real Life

How to Shop and Wear Trends:

Every season, you'll see that one color, texture or print fill up your social feeds or the magazine stands on your routine Target run. Maybe you feel pressure to purchase those pieces ASAP or maybe you just want to give it a shot for fun. Whatever your situation is, a brand new wardrobe, specially one that could be just a phase is not budget conducive or the wisest choice, period! 
Today I want to give you some tips on how to shop for trendy pieces on a budget and how to incorporate them into you real-life wardrobe.
  • Quantity: You only need one or 2 of these trendy pieces 
    • I.e. One pair of python pumps or one neon green body suit.
    • These 2 pieces must be easy to layer and/or act as a finishing touch.
  • H&M!!! 
    • Every season H&M releases a trend based capsule collection for some of their lowest prices. 
    • The top and skirt featured in this post were a total of $30
  • Pinterest 
    • Pinterest ins your best friend when it comes to inspo, just search for "whatever trend" outfits.
  • Amazon Fashion
    • Use the same principle as Pinterest, use the trend attached to whatever piece in the search bar to find the perfect affordable piece. (Also with the Prime return policy...RISK FREE)
  • Incorporate is the key word here!
    • Use the piece as an addition to your wardrobe with you favorite and most flattering staples...this makes it real and really you.


  • Use work staples as your base, make the basic outfit first then see where you can throw the splash of print. 
  • Use the colors present in the print to find your color palette.

  • You don't always have to tuck in your tops, a little knot is trendy and fun, yet appropriate
  • Throwing a belt over your blazer is a unique touch and gives your outfit a bit of chic complexity.
Date Night 

  • I find myself dressing down or dressing the most simple during dates, I feel more comfortable and can actually focus on the person I am with instead of fussing over my outfit.
  • I am also a firm believer in letting that person see you in your essence, not an overdone version of you.
  • Girl Hack 101: Shoulder and Collarbones, trust me! Showing a little shoulder is sexy yet demure and it lets a little curiosity arise (insert winks face here)

Brunch and Errands

  • Dress up a pair of jeans with a splash of trendy print and go from "jeans and a Tee" to chic by layering a duster or adding an interesting texture, such a wicker or wood accessories. 

Night Out

  • A bold or non-traditional crop top is all you need to add a little party to a trendy item!
    • I love this tie-front kind because you can wear it about 5 different ways.
    • If you're not comfortable showing this much skin, a denim jacket is always in style.

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